White Label Backlinks

GrowSEO February 26, 2019 0 Comments

A Quick Guide Through White Label Backlinks

Quality backlinks form the bedrock for successful ranking in search engines. This has given rise to a type of business to business service that offers white label backlinks. Not to be confused with backlink buying which is against the SEO code, it pertains an SEO agency building links on behalf of another SEO or digital marketing firm for resell to their clients. Because the report comes unbranded (white labelled) the reseller firm obtains complete ownership and gets to use their own brand name on the work.

Now, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a service that you already provide from another vendor, right? Which brings the questions, why white label link building services? Who needs them and why? What are the risks involved? How do you pick a reliable vendor? This article seeks to address these issues.

Benefits of white label backlinks

  1. Frees up time

Without going further into details about what a pain the link acquisition process is, it is equally time consuming and if you are not new to SEO you know this too well. There are times when as an SEO agency, you find yourself overwhelmed with so much to do but limited time to achieve it all. This is where you can take advantage of backlink reseller programs to off-load the link building bit thus saving the in-house team time to accomplish other pressing tasks they can no doubt excel in with ease.

  1. Helps newbie agencies grow

There are established SEO agencies and budding ones. Unfortunately being in the latter category can prove to be challenging when it comes to link building. Part of the process requires having strong networks and connections. This can be a tough nut to crack if you are just starting out. Yet, you’ve got to start from somewhere. To swim through the murky waters of being a newbie agency and actually grow in the industry, you would need to take up white label backlinks from the established firms. Because they already have the connections, they will bridge the gap for you until you develop relationships to stand on your own.

  1. Promotes client retention

Every business has its strengths and weaknesses and SEO agencies are no exception. Maybe your in-house team lacks the link building flair. Or perhaps, you are a digital marketing agency that does not offer SEO services yet a client needs backlinks as part of their project. Turning down clients is unthinkable. A smart move would be to accept the client’s project, work on the other sections that you are competent in and hand over the external linking aspect of it to white label backlink service providers. This way you keep the clients happy and continue building your reputation as a holistic top notch service provider. Satisfied clients always come back with their friends.

How to choose the right partner

As enticing as the benefits of white label link building seem, utmost care must be taken when choosing a reseller SEO agency. These white label backlinks, if acquired the unethical way can pose a huge risk to your client’s website as well as tarnish your brand. Since you take ownership and responsibility for the work, you stand to infuriate and lose clients should mediocre results be delivered. It is important therefore to carry out your due diligence on link building reseller programs to protect your reputation. Some of the ways to ensure you tread on safe grounds are;

  • Ask Google

Google is a trustworthy friend. You can turn to it to search for some of the best agencies offering the service from your locality. For example, a search query like ‘white label backlinks Brisbane’ will generate results for business websites dealing with the service. These are results you can go by because appearing on the first page of search engine results pages is an excellent indicator that the firm knows its SEO.

  • Ask questions

Call, email or visit to make further inquiries about their link building process and the type of links being offer. Remember you are looking for niche and location relevant, diverse, white hat links and not meaningless links that do nothing to boost ranking. Or worse, black hat links that will land your valued clients penalties. Fumbling here is a red flag.

  • Ask for evidence

An agency can chest thump about its achievements. This only counts if they can provide evidence to back them up in form of case studies, referrals, reviews or awards of excellence. If they don’t out-rightly present support to their claims, please ask.

Once you find a worthy agency, you do not want to sign a long term contract only to find what is being delivered is contrary to expectations. You want something you can jump ship should things turn sour. A monthly agreement would do to give you a chance to monitor the white label backlinks for about 2-3 months first before deciding to go all in.