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There are billions of websites on the internet. In fact, every page you find yourself on the internet is a website, whether you are making use of Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia or every other page. Some websites redirect to another site with links popularly called backlinks, and these help with your  website ranking.

It is quite interesting to know the way these websites are ranked. The one you visit regularly may be miles away from being what the majority visits. Some sites have marketing parameters that only encourage a particular visitor to come back thinking lots of people visit.

According to Alexa Internet, website ranking is done by combining the number of page views and the site users. The ranking is time averaged and is often done with parameters over a period of three months. Often, it is only a particular site’s high domain that is taken into consideration. The sub-domains are often used aggregated.

According to data from another analyst in website ranking, SimilarWeb, the population of internet users, international internet service providers and amount of traffic drawn to a particular site determines the popularity and hence rank of the site.

Here is a list of some of the highest ranked sites on the public internet. The list is made up of the top ten ranked websites in the world.

• Google

• YouTube

• Facebook

• Baidu

• Wikipedia

• Yahoo!

• Google India

• Reddit

• Tencent QQ

• Taobao

It should also be noted that the list is dynamic. The draw of traffic to particular sites fluctuate from time to time, but as at the time of this compilation (between April and May 2017 by the two analysts), these sites were ranked in the above order.

If you own a website, there are tools on the internet with which you can check the rank of your site. These tools check your search engine score, social media score, traffic score, social bookmarking score and blog score.