Website Press Release

GrowSEO February 5, 2018 0 Comments

There was a time where website press release was relevant for all new websites. However, there has been a massive debate as to whether press releases still hold much flair anymore. The truth is, it has become a two-sided race. Some websites give their press release, and it becomes a hit for them. Some, however, despite spending hundreds of buck just to get their release to thousands of outlet, may get nothing from the adventure.

Consider giants like Apple Inc. or Coca-Cola Company. It will only take seconds or minutes at most for their press releases to become major headlines all over news outlets worldwide.

Can the same be said for your new website? Your guess is as good as mine. However, if you get ignored, there are other benefits that your website press release can fetch you. Some are:

Backlinks acquisition
• Coverage and sales
• When someone researches your industry, your website name will show up on Google.

So doing a website press release isn’t such a bad idea at all but whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. So if you are to optimise your chances of landing something positive with your press release, here is something you should look into.

News worthiness: If your presentation isn’t newsworthy, then no one might care. You may want to look into areas like sponsorship of a charity, online store launch, a competition or poll, receiving an award, new products and services etc. These areas are sure to catch the attention of the public and drag the significant attention you seek.

Attributes of a Good Website Press Release

When you write a press release shabbily, you will get little (if you’re lucky) or nothing for it. That is why it is important that it be well written for optimum results.

A press release often includes the logo of the company to help it gain more recognition online and also some symbols are inserted underneath the last line to signify the end.

Heading: You need a captivating heading in your press release. The reader’s attention needs to be gotten at first glance.
Sub-heading: A good sub-heading should give readers the whole content of the article in one sentence.
First/Opening Paragraph: The opening paragraph has to be crafted in a way that it includes serious information about the content of the press release like who it is for, what the benefits are and why someone should act or not act on it.
Middle Paragraph(s): The mid-paragraph(s) should complement the opening paragraph by adding statistics, research details, testimonials, case studies etc. to the press release.
Conclusion: A good conclusion has to have a call to action and direct a reader to where he can find more info and read more on the subject.
Boilerplate: Includes a brief company description and contact details.

Every new online business needs the right propelling to get the required recognition, and this can be done with a decent website press release. If the elements of a good press release are richly present in yours, you can always be guaranteed of positive results.