Website Backlinks: How to Get Website Backlinks

GrowSEO February 6, 2018 0 Comments

There is no need to be confused when the phrase ‘Website Backlinks’  is called. As the name implies, a website backlinks is a link a particular website gets from another site. It can be pictured as a conversation between two or more websites.

Website Backlinks are important when talking about ‘ranking’ of a particular website by search engines. In other words, a website’s SEO ranking can be attributed to the number of Backlink that the site has. The simple fact that Backlinks help search engine to identify a particular site amongst others has increased the craze by site owners to improve their Backlinks using unnatural methods. However, it is worthy to note that while the quantity of Backlinks is good, the quality of the backlink is more important.

Let us see an example of a natural and quality backlink.

Assuming a particular business owner owns a site for his line of business and then a blogger runs a site that discusses and reviews that particular business and links it to the business owner’s site, then, the businessman has gained a natural and quality backlink.

For more clarification, we will see another example. Blogger A writes about a particular event in his own light and posts on his website. Blogger B disagrees with blogger A’s logic, then writes down his version of the post on the way he deems fit and adds a link to blogger A’s website so that readers can compare and contrast. That is another quality backlink that blogger A has received because other sites may cite blogger B’s article and add links too that will continually enhance the value of blogger A’s backlink.

The internet or web is made of several documents that are connected via hyperlinks. When a hyperlink is connected to a document, the overall popularity and growth of the website are enhanced or improved because when a particular site starts a conversation that makes other sites to write different other views while linking it to the originator, search engines find it easy to find the parent site.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to get a backlink is to get it naturally. Search engines de-index sites that get their Backlinks artificially. Getting Backlinks artificially involves the following practices:

• Buying and selling Backlinks

• Getting Backlinks from link exchange networks