SEO Packages

No fuss, no locked in contracts, month to month SEO packages for your business.

We have 4 set packages that covers every aspect of SEO


Each package contains the standard SEO service inclusions with ‘professional’ and ‘corporate’ packages offering essential SEO service inclusions, such as competitor analysis and content creation additions. Each package concentrates on the focus keywords and the continued monthly requirements of on-page optimisation, link building, directory listings and Google my business optimisation to keep your website ranking. Each service section is completed in the correct sequence and timeframe to really boost and deliver results.

Best of all we provide monthly reports for keyword ranking, website analysis, link building, on-page error fixing and monthly remarks and suggestions so you can see the results for yourself.

Each SEO Package is set to provide results, but depending on your industry’s niche and how competitive it is, timeframes can vary. Typically, we recommend a minimum 6 months to apply SEO, but some competitive markets may need longer or even starting with a more aggressive SEO package to stimulate the rankings with your website quicker and then moving back to your desired package level.

Moving between packages is allowed and we have created ‘Maintenance Mode’ reporting where you continue to get a monthly report and we keep an eye on your top 20 keywords and backlinks to make sure they remain in place, active and working to keep your website exactly where it is while taking a break from SEO. No one likes to lose any of that ranking power already created!

Want to see what each package has to offer?


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Click to read more about our standard SEO Service inclusions  Seo Services Inclusions

Click to read more about our essential SEO Service inclusions  Seo Services Inclusions


What happens after you select your SEO packages


> We contact you and arrange for business information forms to be completed, we want to ensure we have all the correct information about your business.

> All SEO services are payable in advance and are therefore invoiced on the 1st of each month and payable by the end of that month for the next months SEO work. (30 days written notice      is required for moving to a different package option, maintenance mode or cancellation of services).

> Login credentials for your website and hosting such as CMS, FTP and/or cPanel will be required.

> We install or add the webmaster and analytics tools for accurate tracking.

> Benchmark reporting and analysis of website will be forwarded to you.

> Any additional work outside of our SEO packages will also be analysed and recommendations for changes that will aid in the website ranking.

> We begin fixing any on-page issues, optimisation of google business place and removing any noncompliant backlinks.

> We continue each month with our standard SEO service inclusions, and for the professional and corporate packages this will include the essentials inclusions.

> Monthly reporting will be sent to you.

> Quarterly catch up meetings will be organised for reviews, revisions and strategic planning for the next quarter.