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If you aren’t savvy with digital marketing terms and are interested in increasing your website traffic, leads, and sales, you’ll want to wrap your head around the concept of SEO.Put simply, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which plays a critical role in ranking your website on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. It relates to the process of optimising a website for it to increase its organic search (i.e., traffic from Google or Yahoo). As long as you are trying to boost your website’s online presence, it goes without saying that investing in SEO will be necessary for your website’s success. In general, the number of leads generated from SEO methods is approximately 15% for all websites which is a significant 12% higher than conversion rates relating to outbound leads. According to Hubspot, only a mere 9% of businesses who utilise SEO services fail to see a return on investment which amplifies the success stories the other 91% of businesses using

SEO are seeing. However, it is important to note that implementing SEO on your website isn’t as simple as targeting a few keywords. It isn’t as straightforward especially due to the recent implementations of Google’s latest SEO ranking algorithm which affects SEO tactics to rank a website.


An excellent SEO strategy will come in two parts. The first being on-site SEO which tackles all the optimisation done on your website alone. The second being off-site SEO which tackles all optimisation applicable to external sources that will affect your website’s ranking factors. When it comes to on-site SEO, priority is given to user experience. The primary on-site SEO factors include the following:

  • Visual aesthetics (web design)
  • Ease of website navigation (the XML site map)
  • Page load time (website speed testing)
  • Outbound links (for trust and authoritative backing)
  • Inbound links (for ease of website reference)
  • Content quality (including keyword density of less than 5%)
  • User friendly html codes such as alt tags and URL tags

As a general rule of thumb, the purpose behind Google’s algorithm and other search engine’s algorithm derives from the priority of putting the user first. What you may think is aesthetic may not be what is perceived as aesthetic in your general audience’s perception.It is therefore important to do an audience analysis as well as a competitor analysis in order to gauge the target market of your niche. Find out what is working for your top competitors in your niche and replicate their success by emulating their sales funnels and keyword targets. There is so much potential to follow what works and ignore what doesn’t with the priority of personalising it to suit your own website’s theme.

When it comes to off-site SEO, it is important to stick to the best practices of SEO as recommended by Google. With several cheap SEO provider options offering “high domain rank (DR) and page rank (PR)” links, many of these links often come with a black tag to them which may lead to a harsh penalty being applied to your website. Other spam links include Web 2.0 properties as well as other social links that are from fake accounts or blacklisted profiles.To build a solid and trustworthy off-site SEO link profile, you will need to do proper outreach to authorities within your niche. It is easier to create a relationship with blogs and single owned websites where there isn’t a rigid procedure for building relationships. For example, it would be easier to contact a blog owner of a parenting blog than compared to a parenting company’s website such as BabyCenter.


Even if you think you know how to execute a digital marketing strategy, chances are it will take too much time to execute the perfect SEO plan. Hiring a professional SEO specialist to do the work for you will alleviate all the stresses associated to the digital marketing aspect of your business and allow you to place focus on the more important business aspects of your website.

From a professional stance, it is more efficient to hire an SEO specialist for your website. When we refer to SEO specialist, we aren’t referring to cheap providers that do not have a proper digital marketing plan other than to rank a few keywords. A good SEO specialist will cover all forms of SEO for your website including both on-site and off-site. The SEO strategy should cover your brand impression (should you wish to create a brand name for your website) and will also refer to social media presence.

If you operate a local business in your own community, it would be best to look for a local SEO company. For example, if you are running a business in Brisbane, it would be sensible to hire a Brisbane SEO specialist that knows what the local market trend is like. Local SEO companies tend to be more knowledgeable of the local competition and will be able to apply their knowledge to your business’ success.

SEO specialists are also able to do the tedious research needed to keep tabs on your competitors. The type of research they are capable of doing includes competitor analysis as well as market trends to help your business jump on any trends that may lead to success for your website.

You can expect a monthly report from your SEO agency that should detail the progress your website is making including figures such as page ranks for keywords, traffic volume differentials, as well as other search engine ranking position and SEO factors.

If you regard yourself as more of a business person who thrives in identifying opportunities and maximising on them, you may want to free your time from the equirement of executing digital marketing plans and focus on the business side of things. By giving yourself the extra time to hone down on your skills, you can help grow your business further and leave the SEO work to the SEO professionals.