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GrowSEO February 19, 2019 0 Comments

Top 4 Reasons to Opt for an SEO Consultant Australia

There exists a multitude of off-shore SEO consultants that are not only reputable for providing SEO solutions to clients but also for their lucrative price offers that are near irresistible. As a small business in Australia, you want to grasp such deals to enjoy the benefits of being search engine optimised, affordably. However, there’s a catch. These consultants are not native making it difficult for them to tailor solutions befitting the Australian market which you are targeting or even further down, the local audience with state specific searches. In this light, an SEO consultant Australia, provides superior advantages over an overseas SEO firm and here are top 4 reasons to choose them.

  1. Market research is an important step in formulating any search engine optimisation strategy. Depending on your provider it could involve one or all of the following; research on the industry, competitors analysis or keywords research. Now, let’s be realistic. Who has better judgement and is in the best position to give the most credible findings between these two? An overseas consultant with all the right software for the exercise or an Australian based consultant with the same tools and in addition has been living and working there. Your guess is as good as mine. The many years of residing and doing business in a locality, being aware of the people’s culture, interacting with native clients and vendors on a daily basis, being up to date with local news on industries and business dynamics is of unmatched value. It goes a long way to give the researcher a deeper understanding and interpretation of customer insights.
  2. The English language is universal, but there exists variances when it comes to the Australian English particularly in spelling and word choices. These little differences have a huge impact when it comes to on-page optimisation particularly keyword selection as they influence how a searcher would type a query on search engines. It is very easy for a foreign consultant to overlook or even miss such nitty gritty language details when deciding on the keywords and as a result, not capture the intended audience. It is of utmost importance that the titles and meta descriptions are Australia centric.
  3. When developing content, an SEO consultant Australia is familiar with the common lingo. They use familiar idiomatic expressions, colloquial phrases and slang that will stir up the online users and make them tick. Being a local, they know what hot topics and tags are trending and includes them in your website and blog content thus engaging readers and heightening relevant traffic more than if an overseas firm did it plainly or using a different local parlance.
  4. The backlinks acquisition process relies heavily on strong networks and connections. Remember, backlinks have a positive impact on your website’s ranking only if they satisfy certain conditions such as the authority of the linking site as well as industry and geo-relevance. The location of the sites linking back to you is more critical than most people know or think. You therefore, want an SEO consultant Australia to get the job done. They already have deep rooted relationships with local bloggers, web developers, media personalities and influential people in the Australian business and industry associations. Getting quality backlinks is almost assured.