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GrowSEO February 7, 2019 0 Comments

4 Things to Expect from your SEO Agency in 2019

The major components of search engine optimisation -backlinks, content, meta tags, keywords- have for decades been the main focus of every SEO campaign. It’s time however to take a closer look at the trends in how internet your audience conducts searches more so with advancing technology. Highlighted are a few game-changing tactics for your SEO agency to concentrate on in 2019.

Speech recognition

Speaking to devices is no doubt faster and more convenient than typing on them particularly when multitasking. Say, you are driving through an unfamiliar road and need to know the nearest gas station or eatery. It is less likely that you will stop, park the car aside and type it out on Google. Queries via voice are demanding a significant share of internet searches and are anticipated to shoot further up come 2020. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having the likes of Siri, Cortana or Alexa popping up. Your SEO agency must, therefore, draw its attention towards optimising for voice search using longer longtail keywords in question like formats and conversational style content with direct answers.

Mobile site version

Do you know about Google’s mobile-first indexing? If your website is yet to be mobile friendly, then you are missing out on tons of opportunities already, not to mention compromising your ranking. People turn to their smartphones to follow the news, watch videos, find places, book appointments and so on. Mobile devices are the future as they are the go-to device for basically everything. Ideally, you would then need to have a mobile responsive website to capitalize on this for SEO. No one has the time to figure out sentences cut off their screen display, jumbled up text formats meant for a desktop or wait forever for pages to load. To reduce bounce rate, it is upon your SEO agency to ensure you have a mobile version of the website that also gives users a smooth experience.

Video searches

‘How to’ topics are still as sizzling hot as they were when SEO began gaining ground. A huge number of browsers turn to the web when they need to learn something practical. Now, are they more likely to read or watch a video on how to do it? Your guess is as good as mine. Video optimisation is a critical part of SEO today because of the visual appeal. Incorporating and optimising top quality videos within your content is now paramount as search bots crawl visual presentations to find out what they are about and whether they answer seekers ‘how to’ questions.

Content is still key

Paradigms for qualifying relevant content have evolved. Search engines are looking for more than just length. They want to feature unique content that answers specific questions. Content that is deep, backed by facts, figures and relevant names surrounding the topic. Organising it in digestible paragraphs with subheadings, each subheading answering a question about the subject goes a long way to improving ranking.

While these elements are not exactly new, they are increasingly becoming more critical to SEO than they were before. Obviously due to the evolving behavior of users coupled with new technology and thus changing algorithms. So don’t get left out, talk to an SEO agency about these emerging trends.