Content and backlink additions is great for keyword building

Don’t have the time to add keyword relevant and keyword rich content to your website?
We offer copywriting for website content in the form of page content or blog postings.

directory-listings5 Get us to write blogs for you and you can even use our blogs to post on your social media profiles!

 Backlink diversity is important and its not so much about having all high powered backlinks behind the scenes, but all the low powered ones help with cheaper varied anchor texts making your backlink history look more natural.

Summary of our Other SEO Service Options

Content Addition or Blog Writing

Having unique, keyword rich content is a definite must have when it comes to ranking your website. The search engines will scan through your pages trying to find information about your website and will locate certain keywords that you have used throughout the content and then it will highlight those particular keywords or phrases as being associated with your website. When someone then uses that particular keyword or phrase in the search bar, that particular search engine will then know to highlight your website in the results offered to the searcher.

When it comes to content, more is better, and you will often hear that SEO agencies will push for you to add content to your website for better ranking. We suggest that the home page have at minimum 1000 words and inner pages a minimum 500 words.

If you really want to catch the search engines eyes, try adding to or updating your website every month and a great way to do this is with blog posts. A few blogs added every month keeps the search engines bots interested in your website and they will keep scanning over your website looking for new content, find new or existing keywords and this adds to or reinforces your keywords rankings.


Not all backlinks are created equally, some are low powered and some are high powered, and having a great mix of the two is essential. Getting links to your website is not easy, and the source of where the link comes from needs to be from a trusted site as well. Having all or to many high powered links pointing to your website will look unnatural to the search engines and just targeting your main keywords as the anchor text will look spammy and this can get your website penalised.

When applying backlinks, their is no sweet ratio of low to high powered links, but keeping to the 50:1 ratio seems to keep things looking natural for most websites and industries. Backlinks need to be created constantly and using varied anchor texts is another ratio where url, business name, other text and keyword needs to be implemented with most of the anchor texts focusing on url and business name.

Blasting your website all at once with links will again look very unnatural and all our backlink services are offered on a per month basis as we implement the certain number of links throughout the month so they don’t show up all at once. Our low powered links can be performed every month and are best implemented alongside the high powered link package so these look like a natural inclusion to your backlink history.


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