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If you aren’t aware about how much search engines love hot and current topics, you will be thrilled to read this. Search engines like Google are constantly looking to be the first search engine to report on trending topics. Whether you’re releasing a comment, article, video, press release, or any other online media, as long as it’s fresh and unique, search engines will react positively to it.

Media attention is an at all-time high with a reported increase of media consumption in all digital forms. According to a report by Deloitte on the rise of on-demand content in digital media, the cause for this increase in digital consumption is due to the advancements in mobile devices. With 2 billion mobile devices worldwide and an expectation of 4.6 billion devices by 2019, it is sensible to assume that media attention is naturally the fastest way to get attention online.

Inevitably, the media culture of the 21st century has heavily influenced the algorithms set by Google and other search engines. An understanding that individuals no longer read newspapers to find out the recent information but rather to turn to digital forms for information has surfaced.

By implementing this understanding of prioritising fresh and unique information into your website, you are able to grab the appropriate attention required to leverage your sales pitch. Search engines appreciate websites that are constantly churning out news on a daily basis with more crawling and indexing being done on those websites.

As long as you are providing unique content that offers high value to your readers, search engines are more likely to help boost your rankings so long as you cover the basic SEO requirements. The reason behind the need to produce unique content that is not duplicated is due to search engines prioritising the importance of offering a fresh approach on information.

Plagiarism is also frowned upon by search engines as it is in all fronts of the education sector, and, put simply, search engines act as a library bank containing a wealth of information.

Another way to bring more attention to your media publication is through an emphasis on being local. If you run a local business or operate a business within a certain territory, you could increase your search engine presence by making your website a local destination.

To turn your website into a more local-friendly website, you will have to target more local keywords as well as including your business in local directories and publications. For example, signing up to a Google My Business account would be great to put your business on Google Maps.

These local keywords would most likely mention a location, for example, publishing a press release about the “best pizzas in Brisbane” for a business launch would be a great way to bring media attention to your website using what search engines deem is trending news within that niche.

Nowadays, several websites avoid duplication of content which makes almost every competitor’s website contain unique content. With this even playing field, it can be difficult to show Google and other search engines that you are better than a competitor. Truly local content that is unique and relevant will definitely help your website stand out from the crowd.