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Google Business Verification

Google My Business is a key component for any local business owner to create an online presence by simply utilising Google’s introduction of map packs. It provides the platform to connect interested and potential customers to local businesses in search results.

The mechanics of Google My Business was created with a big plan of integration in mind to facilitate a smooth and easy way for local businesses to reach out to potential customers. By getting your business verified on Google, you are
enabling your website to appear in search results as well as on Google Maps, locations, and even Google Reviews.

When it comes to local searches, Google prioritises local businesses through detection of the searcher’s GPS location. This preference allows the small business to compete in search engine rankings against massive conglomerates including franchises in the same niche. For example, if you are a local burger restaurant, your Google My Business listing has the potential to appear at the top of the search results above McDonalds or Hungry Jacks solely based on the locality of your business.

By verifying your business on Google, you are utilising an effective way to increasing your website traffic as well as your real-time business revenue due to localised search results.



By opting into the Google My Business platform, you are actually increasing your business’ local SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation which plays a critical role in the ranking of your website alongside the boost of your online presence.

As you are operating a local business in your community, local SEO is the most important factor when it comes to digital marketing for your business. It is the prominent factor for your business or website appearing on the top rankings of search engine results relating to local searches.

Before the introduction of Google My Business, there was no concept of locality according to the needs of the searcher. For example, if someone searched for the term “best burger”, they would be met with search results from a global perspective with no preference as to their location.

In order to increase user experience, Google knew that it would have to target the location of the searcher in order to personalise the experience. Thus, Google My Business was created with the priority of localisation allowing local businesses to appear on the top rankings of searches conducted for local purposes.

As long as you are targeting a local audience and your business is listed in Google My Business, your listing will be displayed on top of all the other standard search results. Further, your listing will also contain a map location which helps people find your place of business easily. Seeing as Google Maps is renowned for being the most popular map application, having your business present in Google Maps opens up a wide opportunity for your business to reach potential customers who may be passing by your area.

Your Google My Business listing will also include your business’ Name, Address, Phone Number, and a description shared by you in your Google My Business platform. Google reviews of your business will also be shown which is a great way to build trust and integrity throughout your local community especially for new searchers coming across your listing for the first time.

By simply placing your business listing on Google My Business, you are making your business noticeable through mobile and tablet outreach. With Google’s aims on mobile optimisation, your listing will be reflected accurately in a mobile or tablet search as it would in a web search.

Needless to say, Google My Business is the equivalent for businesses, in terms of gravity, as Facebook and Twitter is for celebrities. Not only does it put you in the forefront of potential customers via the Internet, but you also are able to engage with your customers through messages, discussions, reviews, and much more.

Based on a survey conducted in 2014, a substantial 38% of Americans who use the Internet are using Google+ which is Google’s equivalent of social media. Unlike Facebook, Google+ allows businesses to engage with their customers with a 100% reach as opposed to Facebook’s 1%. As a business owner, the higher your reach, the better your opportunity to build relationships and a good online presence. By having a Google My Business account, you automatically have a Google+ account which allows you to connect with your potential customers.

Do not forget to verify your business on Google My Business as it is important to appear genuine and legitimate to your customers. Now that you know how beneficial Google My Business is for local businesses be sure to put ample of effort in creating a listing that will be sure to turn heads.