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GrowSEO February 11, 2019 0 Comments

Self-Implementing Vs Hiring a Local SEO Company

Find out Which is Better and Why

Is local SEO worth paying for? How much does it cost? Can I do local SEO by myself?

These are some of the most commonly asked questions by small business owners torn between hiring a local SEO company and just learning the ropes of local SEO for self-implementation.

Well, before giving definite answers, we must first ask ourselves why would someone want to do their own local SEO and analyse the real cost involved. It is most likely, to eliminate the expenses of fees payable for hired services. Perhaps it could be for knowledge acquisition or self-gratification too. The ultimate goal for doing local SEO is however to boost the online presence of the business within its locality and eventually ranking better.

What most people don’t know is the real cost of self-implemented local SEO. It is a huge investment that demands both time and money in every possible way and could unfortunately go contrary to your expectations. Here’s why.

It is expensive

In a bid to lower your expenditure, like many small businesses, you may opt to carry out your own local SEO. What you pay eventually is nonetheless much higher than the price of having it done by an expert. SEO is dynamic as it is complex. Not only will you be required to purchase an array of expensive tools which constantly require updating but will also have to deal with emerging newer better versions. This means more purchasing every other time. By investing in a local SEO company, you won’t have to shoulder this financial burden as the software and expenses associated with technological changes lies with the SEO firm.

It is time intensive

To get a clear grasp of local SEO, you will need to pour in long hours dedicated to reading books, blogs, webinars and whatever resources you can get your hands on. Not forgetting spending even more time trying to implement what you learn. Time has monetary value in commerce. That’s valuable time you would have otherwise spent perfecting your products, pitching to potential clients, crafting sales strategies, polishing customer service and other tasks you are actually good at. By allowing a local SEO company take care of it, you are more likely to increase your productivity by concentrating on your core business.

It is potentially detrimental

Local SEO is arguably more complex than it seems. The learning curve tends to be lengthy. Frustration can kick in. Even with the ability to wrap your fingers around things pretty quickly, you are bound to make a couple errors. Unfortunately, search engines are unforgiving when it comes to particular mistakes which could spell doom for your business online presence. Committing them could mean being de-ranked, del-listed or de-indexed altogether. Because an established local SEO company has already been through the murky waters of local SEO numerous times, they are well aware of the do’s and don’ts.

With significant amount of money, time and dedication, trial and errors, risks, a few headaches, it is possible to do your own local SEO. Possible but not wise. It is by far much more worth it when done by a professional local SEO company. You get to enjoy all its advantages for peace of mind, less time, less money and awesome results.