How Local SEO Package Benefits For Small Businesses

GrowSEO February 27, 2019 0 Comments

Local SEO is a critical part of digital marketing that you as a small business owner must take advantage of if you already haven’t. Through local SEO package benefits, the online presence of your business can be amplified from among hundreds of thousands of similar business entities, to stand out in searches characterised by a local intent. This exposure often translates to new leads, more business and eventual growth. Local SEO packages are particularly helpful if you;

  1. Occupy a physical walk-in store otherwise known as brick and mortar
  2. Have a business located in several places (cities/states/zones/towns)
  3. Provide services in a particular area

What is a local SEO package?

Local SEO packages are single or bundled strategies offered by local SEO companies aimed at optimising businesses for geographic specific searches. Let’s break it down a little further.

If you are looking for an SEO agency right now, some good examples of what you are likely to type in a search engine box would be ” Top SEO agencies near me” or “Best SEO agencies in Brisbane”. After which, you will be provided with the results page consisting of SEO agencies in Brisbane in order of priority. What local SEO does is ensure your business appears not just among these results but aims to get you right at the top 3 pack using one or a combination of the strategies in their local SEO packages depending on your needs. The local 3 pack is the snippet with three featured businesses at the top deck of Google’s local searches engine results page.

5 essential services in local SEO packages

  1. Google My Business

  2. Directory listings and citations

  3. Optimisation of website

  4. Localisation of content

  5. Competitor monitoring

A local SEO package will get your business listed on Google My Business and Geo-relevant directories while keeping things uniform across these platforms using specialised tools. For businesses operating from various locations, distinct profiles are built on individual pages to represent each store.

It entails creating a solid, keyword optimised business profile in addition to availing the NAP and as much needed information. Any listings already in existence will be claimed and updated too.

By maintaining accuracy and consistency across the web, the chances of securing a position on the local 3 pack multiply.

If you don’t have a geographic specific website, a local SEO package can help you migrate to one so as to rank locally. For example, websites ending with geo targeted tails such as .uk .au or .za rank on top of their .com counterparts in local searches targeting those regions.

Also, a bigger percentage of local searches are initiated via smartphone devices. It will be counter productive for users struck by your listing to follow the link back to your website only to meet an unresponsive, unfriendly, slow loading page. Mobile user optimisation is a vital part of local SEO that ensures your business desktop website has a user friendly mobile version of itself.

Content must also be tailored for the intended audience. Besides incorporating the location identifier (name of city/state/town) within the content, the language and style must be familiar and interesting to the locals. Topics, words choice, trending phrases, names of people or places locals can identify with will not only grab their attention but also back up your local ranking.

Competitor monitoring services assist you in keeping a close eye on those ahead of you thus getting you a step closer to countering them. Local SEO packages find out what are the competitive keywords the local 3 pack businesses in your industry are ranking for and optimizes your business profile for the same.

Benefits of local SEO packages

  • Optimises a business to be picked by search engines and placed strategically on local search results pages to become discoverable by would be clients looking for local products or services.

  • By featuring in directories where potential buyers are already searching for services, more people become aware of the business brand. Increased brand awareness translates to a surge in relevant traffic.

  • Avails loads of business information in one place giving searchers direct power to reach the business using the various provided channels. They can make a direct call, send a message, chat, email or go to the business premises. These are qualified leads with high chances of converting into sales.

  • It earns the business trust and increased click through rate when all its data is candid and verifiable, not forgetting being ranked highly by Google. Users give priority to businesses in order of preference given by search engines.

  • Local SEO packages are a strong marketing tool. They go a long way to promote the business by creating an appealing profile which showcases its strong points, unique products or services offered and attractive amenities. It could be a mention of even small things such as availability of kids play area, free Wi-Fi, ample parking, extended hours etc. that give it an edge.

  • Aids in building a positive online reputation for the business by managing your reviews and ratings. Once listed, clients get avenues for leaving their thoughts about their experience. These are crucial because they give potential customers a picture of what to expect. A business with positive reviews earns more trust.