GrowSEO February 9, 2018 0 Comments

As we sojourn the different searches we do every day with search engines (Google), we are always confronted with various results. These results range from different website links to different company listings. The company listings are called the Google Map Pack Listing, and they are important because they show internet crawlers where they can confidently do business or transactions.

Whenever you enter a search keyword on the Google bar, the search engine filters out searches that it thinks is related to local business and you will see listings of local businesses as they will appear on the top or middle of the search page. In the internet marketing hemisphere, the listings of the companies are referred to as the Google Map Pack Listings.Some call it the 7 Pack or the 3 Pack or the Address Pack.

Any name at all fits it. What is important is the function: showing potential customers where to go and get their business done.New to the map packs is the Google 3-pack. Initially, when Google used the 7-pack, it was relatively easy for a company to appear on the search page. Now that it has been reduced to three, it becomes much harder as the competition for a place in the top three has increased.

Companies that appear on the top three are easily fixed in the eyes of the potential customer who is looking for local business in a particular area.Getting into the top three in the 3-pack map listing is quite easy for a business that has fewer competitions. However, if your line of business has gargantuan competition; Here are some things you must pay attention to boost your chances of appearing in the top three (3-pack):

•   Your location must be ideal for Google. The more centrally located in a city your business is, the more it has improved chances of being noticed by Google search engine.

•   Always optimize your “Google My Business” profile.

•   Add new listings to your list monthly. Figure out which sites are essential for your business growth and location.

•   Ensure that the information about your company remains the same everywhere on the internet.