Directory Listings

GrowSEO November 9, 2018 0 Comments

Directory listings are online platforms where all types of businesses are listed depending on their niche, category, location, and industry. The inclusion of your business in these directories is the only way people can locate your business from the online platform.

Many search engines like google source information from these directories and provide feedback to the users who are trying to find a certain product or a service. Google is the most trusted search engines since it can provide correct information pertaining to a particular business from the available trusted directories.

It is recommended to register your business in these directories so that it is considered to be legitimate by the google search engine. Google will even consider ranking it high in the search engine pages and in the long run, your business may acquire a large number of traffic.

Listing your business in one directory can make it be listed in other directories since most of these directories use modern tools that automatically extract information from one directory to theirs. It will increase the chance of your business being located easily in the long run.

It is advisable to provide correct information about your company so that it can easily be traced by customers who want to physically locate your business. It is in case your business is no longer found online after acquiring a large number of customers.

These directories can also provide inbound links to your website and it could be beneficial to your SEO. It helps to improve the domain authority of your website and after some time it will appear on the first page of the search engines.

Here are considerations to put in place when approaching a directory company. They include:


Directory listings are known to boost ranking in the local search results of businesses. It is recommended to include your business in the google plus using your google account so that it can help to push ranking in the search engines pages. It is because these directories also offer free inbound links that are quite vital to your SEO site.


You should make a thorough search about these directories especially those that are listings businesses that are of your niche. Getting link backs from a site that are relevant and of high authority help to improve the trust of your business hence higher ranking in the search engines.


There are some directory listings that have a site that provides low-quality backlinks that can even ruin your SEO. You should be very careful when listing your business in such directories.