Backlink Diversity: What is it, and is it Worth It?

GrowSEO February 8, 2018 0 Comments

There is a lot of competition in the blogosphere today. Bloggers are competing to get more recognition by search engines, especially the two biggest ones; Bing and Google. The fight for higher ranking and hence more recognition (ranking, visits) which eventually translates into more earnings for the site, is the top goal of the owners.

That is why every site owner is jumping into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because it has proven to be the best way to gain an edge over competitors. The optimization creates a channel by which traffic is drawn to a particular site, and it is only sites with enough traffic that are positioned on the first page of the search results (SERP).As important as the SEO, it is hugely influenced by Backlinks.

The search engine sees a site with a high number of Backlinks as a site with an equal amount of recommendation from other sites owing to its possession of vital information to meet a particular end.As the competition heightens, websites have gone into backlink diversity.What is backlink diversity?

A new term for many website owners, but they may have done it anyway. Backlink diversity is when a site owner creates multiple quality contents with different Backlinks that redirects to another set of contents on another website.Is backlink diversity worth it?Yes! It is! Search engines are built to study a particular website’s trends in case it is acquiring Backlinks dubiously.

Consider a new website that has already gotten multiple domain Backlinks; these search engines are ones to scrutinize and penalize the sites that are found guilty.When sites engage in backlink diversity, the Backlinks are built naturally. So in an instance where a site with a backlink diversity profile gets penalized by Google due to too many Backlinks in the homepage, the issue can be easily fixed by Google, and the site can recover on time after probably losing a few of the  Backlinks.

However, a site with no backlink diversity, when penalized may never recover.Willing to create a decent backlink diversity profile? Here is what you should bear in mind.

• Always consider the link location: Backlinks must be obtained from various domains and linked to various places on the website and not just on the homepage.

• Always alter the anchor text: As search engines alter their algorithms continually, a website’s ranking is not guaranteed. To cope with the random changes, website owners should continually change their anchor texts and switch between some LSI keywords.