Affordable SEO Packages

GrowSEO February 18, 2019 0 Comments

Do Effective Affordable SEO Packages Exist?

For some people, when it comes to SEO, effective and affordable are terms that cannot exist in the same package. Affordable is closely associated with cheap or used interchangeably to mean the same thing. On the contrary, the word affordable is subjective and can mean different things and not necessarily cheap. Let’s take a good example, SEO package prices. Say they come in this range; $500, $1,500 and $3000 monthly. For a large corporation, the latter is affordable. Yet, $3000 is nothing close to affordable for micro-enterprises. Affordable is simply smart spending. Affordable SEO packages, therefore, are those that offer quality services at a price that you as a firm are able and willing to pay for search engine optimisation purposes; able meaning the price range is within your budget and willing meaning the quality is acceptable.

The distinction

Unfortunately, alot of business owners have fallen victim to cheap SEO packages in the name of affordability and gotten severely burnt. This is probably due to ignorance on what SEO truly entails and its real value as an investment. The first step is to understand the amount of resources agencies pour into successful SEO in terms of time and money to acquire software and compensate the team of experts. Now add a profit margin on top of that. Only then will you be able to distinguish a good deal from a big scam. Your budget should not be the only consideration when making a choice. If you are out to find the lowest bidder regardless other factors, get ready for a nasty slap in form of penalties and even de-indexing. Without further ado, here are 3 typical characteristics that distinguish cheap from affordable SEO packages, that is besides their ridiculously low prices.

  1. Cheap SEO packages are rigid in nature. The agency will be literally shoving them at you in a bid to close the deal without first evaluating your business needs and goals to see what would be the perfect fit for your situation and industry. Their aim is primarily minting revenues from unsuspecting clients and not to understand and help businesses.

  1. Cheap SEO packages come with a myriad of sugar coated promises which underneath are far from realistic. This backs up the fact that they are sales centric. Eventually, they don’t deliver what was expected but the agencies have no qualms losing clients as they are almost always trapping new ones with lucrative deals and guaranteeing success.

  1. Getting you traffic is their strongest point, only that it will be absolutely irrelevant to your business if not useless. Cheap SEO packages strive to get you traffic from just about anyone and anywhere imaginable. Unfortunately such traffic if not from your target audience is almost insignificant. It simply does not convert.

Identifying effective affordable SEO packages

Now that you have defined what is affordable to you and also know how to filter out cheap SEO packages, it’s time to find an SEO partner that can offer you something within your means that will deliver results. How does a good affordable SEO package look like? Well, you’ll need to do a little homework first.

  • Assess the services being provided

What exactly will you be paying for and does your enterprise really need it? It is important that you understand the tasks, deliverables and their impact on your business. This way, you can know what to expect and ensure it is in line with your business objectives. It also prevents you from being tied to a premium package where you end up paying for more than you actually need.

  • Gauge the vendor’s ability and reputation

The SEO provider must be able to clearly explain the approaches they intend to use and how they align to your goals. Of course after probing questions about your business structure, mission, vision and desired outcome from SEO.

Benchmarks, case studies, achievements and other key performance indicators are a plus. Look for reviews. Positive feedback is a green flag. You are looking for a strong portfolio here.

  • Analyse the contract

Before you get into any contract, scrutinise the terms of the service agreement carefully. Areas to look at include your financial obligation, tasks/roles of the agency and execution, processes for renewal, termination, upgrade or downgrade. Ask as many questions for clarification.

If the results are positive for the three and the price seems right to your pocket, then you have yourself an affordable SEO package. Instead of asking for cheap packages or a price cut from an agency, ask for a tailored solution. You can both brainstorm the business goals and prioritise them, then structure a package that is flexible to start satisfying the urgent business need(s) first. You can do away with services that are not required immediately. This way, you will neither deviate from your budget, nor get the quality of outcome compromised by giving the agency enough financial resources to work with and make a profit too.