Get to the top of website rankings

Boost your business’ performance by landing on top of SERPs

If your company has a website, you might be wondering what the fuss is about website rankings and why it is important to land on the top page. In the wide space covered by the internet and with the amount of competition available online, you may think that simply catering to what you want and what the audience wants would already cut it.

However, in doing business online, there is one more party to add to the equation and that is the search engine. Studies conducted by indicated that getting your company’s site on the top page gives it a 36.4 percent chance of being seen by your target market with the chances of being noticed being reduced with each succeeding page. With this in mind, would you still be content with ranking on the fifth page?

What do you need to do to improve your website rankings?

Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective tools to engage your audience with the use of elements found in your site. This means that companies use these elements to make it easier for search engines to crawl and understand the content and structure of your website. Among these elements are the keywords, navigability, and links, among other factors. The best part is that SEO drives traffic to your site organically, which means you don’t have to shell out extra bucks for paid ads to promote your site.

Incidentally, there are two types of Search Engine Optimization that you need to master in order to make headway into SERPs.

On site SEO. On site SEO entails companies and content managers to use the elements within the site like content, links, as well as design and navigability to encourage organic traffic and rank high in the SERPs.

Off site SEO. Offsite SEO is also another method to generate organic traffic to your site but with the use of elements that are not found within the site. One method is with the use of link building or getting reputable sites to link bank to your site. Another technique is marketing content, which entails the creation and sharing of content like blogs, articles, images and social media links to indirectly promote brands. Social media marketing is also considered a form of offsite SEO.

Ensure relevant content. Part of the new algorithms of search engines like Google is not only to find keywords so keyword stuffing could actually hurt, and not help your site. Rather, search engines have become more sophisticated and now understand relevant words and synonyms that could help you build more compelling content. However, you must also ensure that your page does not only have quality keywords but would also be useful for your audience as well.  Provide information that is unique and engaging to keep them coming back to your site.

Update your content regularly. For companies, it is always a plus to maintain the website by posting fresh content regularly.  Updating content is a great indicator that the site is doing its best to maintain its relevance, which is also a boon for search engines.

Metadata. You would have heard of the term metadata when you are familiar with SEO. The use of metadata which are information about your site inserted in between the <head> tags help you get noticed by search engines to boost you to the top of the rankings.

In using metadata, make sure to pay close attention to the title metadata, which displays the page title of your company’s site. The description metadata is the text description that browsers will use for search page returns. Make it compelling to get audiences to pay a visit. Another important element is the keyword metadata which are the keywords and keyword phrases that users may need to search for your site. Make sure to include relevant keywords but don’t overdo it and maintain it to 6-8 keyword phrases that are clear and concise.

Make your site link worthy. It’s not just enough to include links in your site and encourage action by using phrases like click here. Add value to the links by actually presenting them in a way that your visitors, and search engines will understand. Instead of using click here, name the links with keyword rich text.

Don’t disregard the alt tags. The alt tags may be short addendums to the tags but it is also very important to boost the ranking of your site. They are alternative text descriptions and, if used properly could be quite handy in directing search engines to your site in addition to elements already mentioned in this article.

We’re here to help

Improving website rankings is the goal of each and every company who owns a site on the worldwide web. With the stiff competition online, it helps to seek the advice of professionals in the field to guide you in reaching your goal of improving traffic and visibility for your company and your services.

Call the Grow SEO team now through (07) 3063 2115 or send them an email and discuss how they can help your
business grow.

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Become a superstar in Google My Business

How this free tool + SEO can boost your online presence

In the vast space that the internet covers, businesses and companies jostle for attention on a daily, even on an hourly basis.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective tool that gives your business a competitive edge in the world wide web where you compete with thousands of web pages that also cater to your target market. SEO keeps you a head above the rest and directs traffic to your site and your services, making your company the priority above your competitors.

Effective SEO is also complemented by the strategic use of other tools that boost your business’s presence online. Among these tools is Google My Business Page, a free platform to allow your business to be seen on the Google Search Page.

What you need for a Google My Business Page

The Google My Business Page requires the following information:

• Address

• Contact Information

• Opening and Closing times

• Links to events/news

How does it help your business?

Having your own Google My Business Page gives you an opportunity to be featured in the searches and drive potential customers to your business based on the information your provide. There is very little risk since it does not entail any additional expenses for advertising. The best part is that the benefits are yours to harness if you know how to use it properly.

More Local Traffic. Because Google My Business pages include addresses and contact information, Google is able to filter the searches and drive local traffic to your website. This means that visitors who enter your site from your Google My Business page are within your target area and demographic.

An example would be customers who are looking for potential restaurants in nearby areas, attractions, services and other businesses that cater near their area. Imagine how much searches will be directed to your business on a daily basis.

Strengthened online presence

Aside from maintaining your own website, it is important for businesses to develop a strong presence online. Businesses who have their own physical store and even those who operate 100 percent online would benefit from the additional exposure that Google My Business provides, provided the quality of searches it directs to your site.

Adding Posts

Google My Business allows you to maximize the use of your GMB page by allowing you to add articles, news and event links to your page. This basically allows you to promote upcoming events to inform your visitors of sales, deals, free services and other offers. Your GMB page will however, prompt you to change your featured post every seven days, or else, it will expire.

SEO and your GMB page

Like your website, it is important to optimize the content of your Google My Business page. Your page still has to stand out compared to the thousands of other businesses listed on the platform with the same information. Aside from including keywords in your page, it is also important for your page to provide accurate information.

Bear in mind that once your business manages to grab the potential customer’s attention, they would most likely want to click on your page for directions, or get in touch with you based on the contact information you posted. Make sure that your information is always updated to covert this simple interest to sales and profit.

A little help from the experts

While it sounds simple, becoming a superstar in the Google My Business page is not as easy.  Consult with the experts of Grow SEO to make sure that you capitalize on this prime opportunity to draw attention to your company and what it can offer.

Drop them a line through (07) 3063 2115 or send them an email to discuss how their team of rockstars can use SEO to grow your business.

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SEO Company

Any company would of course, want to be the first in ranking and will seek the help of an SEO company. Search Engine Optimization is very crucial to the success of a business. Without it, your ranking will be at the bottom or worse, it could land at the last page. An SEO company is the answer to your problem if you want your business to be easily searched and surpass your competitors.

How to choose an SEO company that will work best for you?

Before choosing an SEO company, you have to consider a few things to ensure the success of your business. Likewise, you can be sure that it will be worth your time, effort, and money.

First, you need to set up good goals. Without these, your business will be lost.

➤ If you want to be the center of attention, you need traffic from specific crowds.

➤ You are aiming to push earnings through new transactions and SEO is a sales powerful instrument.

➤ You are exerting an effort to encourage downloads or free sign-ups or even free trials.

➤ You are striving to foster belief for your brand. You want to lift the good reviews and push down the bad reviews. It would be nice to know that a lot of people are researching for your brand.

Second, is to gather a list of mostly three to five some kind of right safe haven which pertain to agencies or consultants. Your good sources include:

➤ Friends, personal, and professional networks.

➤ Related non-driven companies. If for instance there is an e-commerce business you are friends with but not a competition, maybe you build a friendly relationship with it.

➤ Commercial enterprise insiders. You can intermingle with some of the influential insiders with whom you have a connection. It could also be a person or persons whose opinion is much to your liking and can be popped a question of who they could recommend.

In addition, you also need to consider these following questions when looking for the right SEO Company.

➤ You can ask them what measure will they use to achieve your goals and why are they going to use it.

➤ You can inquire about their exchanging information and publicizing procedure.

➤ You can ask them what work and means do they have to perform internally.

➤ You can ask them what do they do if things malfunction.

Last but not the least, determine on these following four things.

➤ The reliance that you have developed with the company. This refers to references,

Discourse, and people that you have conversed with in your network.

➤ By way of referrals. It would be better if you have referrals and trust them that they could provide you a good service.

➤ By way of communication approach match. If your interaction approach didn’t progress smoothly despite everything else is good, it would be best if you would seek a different provider. There could be a cultural mismatch that’s why.

➤ Price and contract arrangement. Several SEO companies have a contract deal of a month-to-month while others have a specific length of period. Expect that you would pay upfront fees and monthly fees.

There are several SEO companies in Brisbane that could offer promises of optimizing your content, website, and products. However, not all of your needs can be catered to. If you want action and not promises, then look no further.

Grow SEO is the only SEO company that you will need for your every necessities to guarantee that your ranking will be in a good position. It can drive traffic and sales for the growth of your business. Best of all, they have no locked-in contracts and provide businesses with diversified options for SEO.

It has a set of 4 packages to offer that incorporates every feature of SEO. Each SEO package is guaranteed to produce positive outcome. However, depending on your business’ forte and how driven it is the timespan will differ. We furnish our clients with details on the keywords’ standing and the current position of your 3 major competitors and see the results for yourself.

Getting on top of the Google page is not that easy. Grow SEO understands your needs and is dead serious to provide all the assistance that you need. Aside from SEO packages, we also provide other SEO services like copywriting for website content in a page content structure or blog postings.

Grow SEO Company could also incorporate safe backlinks that could push search engine rankings. These links are also known as “inbound links” or “incoming links,” and are created once a website links to another. They are crucial for SEO because they speak for a “vote of confidence” that starts from one site to another site.

The safe backlinks will initiate Google’s search engine algorithm to distinguish it. The algorithm, on the other hand, has the ability to identify if the links are trustworthy, and serious in its intention, content, and importance so it can be accepted as an advantage for site ranking.

If you want to know our client-friendly pricing for the SEO packages, kindly click here.


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Keyword Ranking

Keyword ranking denotes to where your site appears organically once a detailed search is done. A few years back, it has been the most significant tactic in SEO. Up until today, despite the updates in numerous Search Engine algorithms, keyword ranking remains important for you to be able to sit on top of the organic rankings.

The organic rankings stay to be one of the most effective techniques for the brands to reach new clients even if it may not deliver the CTR and prominence similar to some other kinds of search listings. With the importance of keyword rankings, it is better for you to know what the best practices are and how to improve it.

Importance of Keyword Ranking

Keyword rankings aid you to augment your Website’s traffic and conversion prospects when you’re able to generate create excellent or superior content for niche phrases and ideas. Additionally, you can intensify your cyclic traffic and produce competent conversions be contingent on your content advancement technique.

What is SEO Keyword Ranking Metric?

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Keyword Ranking metric gauges your Website’s search engine position for directed keywords. Aside from measuring the rank, it also analyzes the modifications in that ranking as time passes by.

As for the search engine marketing, the Keyword Ranking metric is an essential KPI as it establishes the efficacy of your site by being ranked on Google and of course by drawing organic traffic. It’s a well-established statistic that the best 3 keywords obtain the bulk of ticks in the search engine results, of course, the first being the highest.

How to Improve SEO Keyword Ranking?

Now that you already know the relevance of keyword ranking and how it is being measured, it is now time for you to learn how to improve it. To begin with, there are numerous approaches for you to enhance your keyword ranking. Amazingly, many content makers don’t track the rankings for the correct keywords. With that being said, it is advised that you make sure that you are tracing the correct keywords. That will be the first stage in offering your CMO the significance of SEO.

Another technique to improve your SEO keyword ranking is by focusing on long-tail keyword standings. The long-tail keywords are lengthier, less usual keywords that deliver a couple of benefits for the search marketers:

• There’s less competition: Only a few people are making an effort to rank for the long-tail keywords. Thus, your Website has a superior chance of attaining high rankings.

• They’re more directed: Lengthier keywords demonstrate more intent. This means that they tell more information about what the search engine user is looking for. Thus, with the use of long-tail keywords, you’ll serve them the precise offering or exact Web content.

Arrange and group your keywords to achieve a higher ranking. This strategy is really significant to keep in mind for the SEO dashboard. It is very important most particularly when you wanted your dashboard to give you details about your Website’s SEO keyword status. Do keywords matter in a specific promotion or to the total business? It is advised not to track all at once. In tacking your performance, use the best possible way to consolidate your site’s keyword ranking.

Last but definitely not the least; your keywords have to be existent in your content. The Meta keywords are really significant, but nowadays that isn’t sufficient in landing to the first page of your possible clients in the search results. Even though there are times that it may appear that you’re just writing for the search engines, but then you’ll realize that improving your keyword search rankings and creating appreciated content that the people would want to share, comment on will be a great method to ramp up not just your keyword ranking but also the general SEO traffic.

Best Practices in Keyword Ranking

The most significant thing to keep in mind for keyword ranking is that you have to track it constantly. Here are several tips to be able to stay on top of the keyword ranking:

A resilient website

The longer time your website has been present, accumulating links and authority, the better. It’s also fundamental that your whole Website follows the best practices in SEO. You better begin with the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines in case you’re not knowledgeable about that yet.

A network to utilize

For your Website to be able to rank rapidly for a specific keyword, it’s very valuable to that you already built-in a linkage to share your new content with. This linkage or network includes the viewers on social media like Twitter and Facebook, your email contacts that you reach to ask for intermittent assistance for a link. It is important for you to know that relationship building is also link building.

Do some research before picking a keyword

You have to select the one that has good volume, but obviously not too much.

Gauge the competition

You have to set apart yourself from your competitors.

Are you now ready to top the keyword ranking? Hopefully, your answer is a yes and it is also hoped that you’ll be able to achieve your goals for your Website.


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Get to the top of the rank with link building

Are paid backlinks good for your business?

For companies, it is important to achieve a good ranking on searches performed by their target market. This is why many businesses invest heavily in improving their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other methods to make it to the top of the SERPs.

SEO practitioners have mastered the art of getting organic traffic through the utilization of a website’s elements like design, content, navigation, and links to rank high in the searches but each business should weigh the benefits of these different strategies and determine what works best for their particular market.

What is a backlink and what does it do for you?

Among the many methods to improve your site’s rankings in link building. In particular, getting backlinks. But what exactly is a backlink and what does this do for your website?

Backlinks are defined as inbound links from other sites or pages that are considered quite important by search engines in determining a page’s position in the rankings. Search engines consider the number of backlinks to a site to measure of relevance. The more sites link back to your company site means that they find important information from your page.

It is important to note though, that the quality of the sites who link back to your company’s site is equally essential. Backlinks from legitimate and reputable sites boost your chances to improve your rank in the searches while links from questionable sites may result in penalties.

Paid backlinks

Because backlinks are considered as effective tools in improving a website’s rankings on the search engines, there are those who enter into mutual agreements with other sites to link back to each other’s sites to boost the number of backlinks directed to their sites. There are also those that make this service available for a price.

Because search engines are now more alert against spam, SEs like Google have set in place algorithms that can determine whether backlinks have been paid for compared to those genuine backlinks that have been placed due to relevance and not profit. Of course, companies that are found to have bought backlinks are penalized by Google for giving them a lower ranking in the search.

In a nutshell, this is how Google defines a paid link from a genuine one.

• If it entails an exchange of money or goods for links or posts that have links

• If it entails sending someone a ‘free’ product in exchange for them writing about it and including a link

This is pretty tricky because based on Google’s Webmaster guidelines, product reviews may still fall under the category of a paid backlink. Still, we find a lot of companies are doing this to improve their brand visibility and web presence.

In addition, a recent poll conducted by Search Engine Journal indicated that 22 percent of company websites still buy backlinks but don’t disclose them. Meanwhile, 37 percent fully disclose their purchase of legitimate links.

Things to remember about paid backlinks

While the effectiveness of paid backlinks is still a hot topic among experts in Search Engine Optimization, some companies still avail of them because they are an easier alternative to boosting the number of backlinks to their websites.

This is completely understandable in as much as the same way some companies will invest in paid advertisements as opposed organic SEO building. However, there are some ways to become more discerning about the potential benefit or harm that your paid backlink can cause your site.

Lay the groundwork. Before purchasing backlinks, make sure to profile your site properly, including the domain, content and other elements. Stamp down on anything that search engines could consider as spam.

Don’t go overboard. Don’t get to buy hundreds of links in one go. Start small and use these to beef up your organic link building efforts and increase the number gradually. A rule of thumb is that paid backlinks should not account for more than 25 percent of your total number of backlinks.

Spot red flags before making your purchase. There are sites that openly advertise backlink packages so if the public knows that they sell backlinks, so does the search engines. If you purchase these packages, your site will likely be flagged by search engines as well. You also need to keep an eye out for sites that have been previously penalized by search engines like Google for violating their guidelines before.

Purchasing sitewide backlinks that can be found on the navigation, sidebar or footer of the page can also compel Google to flag your site as spam. Too many backlinks to your site could also alert search engines that these are not organic, therefore resulting in penalties to the site.


Ask the experts

If you’re still not sure but want to improve your business’ rank with the use of Search Engine Optimization, you need only to contact the experts.

Call the team at Grow SEO through (07) 3063 2115 or send them an email to discuss which method will work best for growing your business.


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Paid Backlinks: Why You Should Buy or Not

Backlinks have been very important when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In fact, these have become the building blocks of good SEO. With that being said, it is really necessary to know specific details about backlinks most especially the paid backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

The backlinks are links coming from the external domains that point to the pages that your domain have. Additionally, one’s backlink profile is composed of backlinks coming from the external Websites, which are also known as the referring domains. It contributes to total strength, significance, and an assortment of a domain’s backlink outline.

It is also worth noting that the total quantity of backlinks can contain many links coming from the similar referring domain or numerous referring domains. Moreover, it’s usual that the referring domains are linking back to the content in case it’s related, imposing or beneficial in some manner to its own domain. In an idyllic world, that is how the backlinks are amassed. In general, the backlinks are measured as a “vote” for the content that’s being connected to your own domain from the external sources.

What are Paid Backlinks?

Now that the meaning and purpose of backlinks are already clear, we can now move on to paid backlinks. The paid backlinks are links that are acquired through trading cash for posts or the links itself. It can also be obtained through trading of merchandises or services in exchange for links, or even sending somebody ‘free’ goods for them to write content about it or simply include your link. To make it easier to understand, even a funded visitor posts and paid analyses are reflected as paid backlink.

Do Paid Backlinks Function Well?

The efficiency of paid backlink is still questioned. It indeed appears like some big companies are dealing to merge link buying tactics with organic backlink building approaches to perceive a great outcome.

It was revealed that 78% of businesses who legitimately purchased paid backlinks consider that this is an operative backlink formation opportunity. Correspondingly, 69% of companies utilizing the acquisition of paid backlinks considered their promotions to be really effective.

Despite that the success frequency is amazingly high; the risk of a Google fine is noteworthy and relatively real. In case you consider buying links, you have to be sure that you comprehend the threats and study the possible effect on your long-term SEO before acquiring.

Advantages of Paid Backlinks

Here are the advantages of acquiring paid backlinks:

Time – Having paid backlinks save time since you don’t have to devote much time in searching the associated Website for your own Website backlinks. This is because the agency will be the one to do this instead of you.

Quicker approval – Typically, unpaid backlinks take more time to be approved. In contrary, the paid backlink are quick to be approved.

Prompt results – Focusing on high PA and DA Websites in acquiring paid backlinks will convey quick outcomes and better ranking of the Website on SERP.

Transparency – The dependable paid backlink source offers you a comprehensive report of the number of links that are positioned effectively and you’ll only have to pay for the Do-follow links. In case your link has been removed, then the organization will look for an alternative backlink. To make it short, you recompense for the genuine and honest services.

SEO support – All of the paid backlinks providers not only prepare the link proposals, they also help you accomplish your Website’s entire SEO and evaluate your site Search Console or Webmaster Tool. Afterward, the providers plan the tactic accordingly which will guarantee the definite outcomes for you.

Disadvantages of Paid Backlinks

Of course, if there are advantages, there are also disadvantages of acquiring paid backlinks. Here are some of the drawbacks:

• Acquiring paid backlinks cost money.

• The search engines like Google don’t want people to buy backlinks and as an outcome, the biggest search engine company might eliminate your Website from the index even without any prior warning.

• Paid backlinks offer less worth than the natural or unpaid backlink.

• Paid backlinks are very time operative and rapidly progresses your ranking rather than making backlinks in a natural way.

• Since paid backlinks are useful for a particular time, these can vanish after a short period of time or the Website backlinking went out of commerce or gets punished.

Guiding Principles in Acquiring Paid Backlinks

In case you wanted to acquire some paid backlinks here are some of the guiding principles that may be useful for you.

• Don’t purchase backlinks in huge quantities.

• Don’t acquire paid backlinks from sites that are opening marketing backlinks or endorsing their own site.

• Purchase links that are from the applicable group sites only.

• Purchase links that are in the main content, try not to buy on the footer or side-bar, and others.

• Try to acquire the links that are located on an individual or specific page.

• Purchase backlinks that are from reliable sites.

With the aforementioned details, it is hoped that you’re now ready to decide whether to purchase paid backlinks or not for your site. In case you already made a decision to acquire backlinks, optimistically these will help your site build good SEO and ranking.

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Know the Difference between Organic and Paid Search Results To Increase Sales

In digital marketing, there are two methods wherein your Website obtains traffic and that is via search engines’ organic and paid search results. These results can aid you to acquire substantial traffic to your Website, and consequently increase the sales. The key to having great sales is being knowledgeable with the difference between organic and paid search results, and of course how to utilize them.

What is Organic Search Result?

To know the difference between organic and paid search results, let us first define the former. The organic search results for your business show up the moment you naturally rank in Google results due to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) integrated on the conforming page.

For your Website to be able to rank well on Google naturally you have to make pages with first-class content and that is consist of numerous occurrences of the keyword you desire to rank for. The keyword must appear all throughout the content, title, headers, and even on Meta data, which is the link and description that can be seen in the Google results. Just in case you practice good SEO, you can surely rank heading to the top of page 1, making sure of maximum visibility.

What is Paid Search Result?

In order to know the difference between organic and paid search result, it is better to elaborate the latter. In contrast with the organic search results, this doesn’t hinge on manual optimization. As an alternative, the paid search result help you rank according to your pay per click (PPC) promotion. This will appear as advertisements at the top of a web page for significant keywords, which were classically above all the organic results. Additionally, it will cost much more than just boosting the content to rank naturally.

Organic vs. Paid: Which is better?

Now that you already know the difference between organic and paid search results, you might wonder which is better between the two. When we say “better”, it is a matter of belief, of course. The best method for you will be contingent principally upon the kind of business you have, the goals of your web existence and obviously your budget.

The high ranking results that are organic in nature convey with them a sense of power and respectability. This is predominantly beneficial if your enterprise is service-oriented.  But for the companies that are product or brand specifics, paid advertisements can aid you to drive clicks and conversions.

Moreover, the organic search results also have a more timeless existence, which means they have the sustained chance to rank even after you create the content. On the other hand, the paid ads will stop displaying the moment you stop paying.

Now that you already know the difference between organic and paid search results, it is still up to you which will you utilize. Just a piece of advice, the best way to take benefit of both is to develop a mixture of both SEO and PPC promotions. Having these behind your business can help you maintain maximum prominence among your target viewers.


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4 Easy Steps to Make Your Organic Listing More Effective

In case that you’re looking for easy ways to improve your organic search rankings, then this article will definitely help you. Be knowledgeable with these four easy steps to make your organic listing more effective and you’ll surely get a positive outcome.

What is Organic Listing?

For a quick reference an organic listing, which is also known as natural listing, is a search listing that can be found on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) naturally. This is delivered by a search engine as a result of a keyword search and it shows up for free.

The search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing utilizes web crawlers to find, index and rank information on the web. The order in which the search results are displayed is according to relevancy on the engine’s algorithm. Organic listing is positioned on the left side of the page.

4 Easy Ways to Make Organic Listing More Effective

• Identify the pages with moderately low click-through rate

To enhance your organic listing you have to know the pages with somewhat low click-through rate. To do this, you have to head to Google Analytics then navigate to Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages and export the files into Excel or CSV document. Recognize pages that have high Impressions, low Average Position, and somewhat low CTR according to the position.

• Look for chances to elaborate title tags

The next thing you have to do to make your organic listing more effective is to enhance the effectiveness of the Page Title. It was in 2014 when the biggest search engine company changed the Title Tag limit which became approximately 512px. This caused a noteworthy reduction in organic Title Tag width.

It was only in May last year when the SEOs everywhere celebrated as Google extended this limit to 600px, which is a 17 percent growth. You can take benefit of this bigger space and the chance to add more high-priority keywords just in case you haven’t done it yet.

• Make your Meta tags and descriptions more captivating

Most of the time the top Page Titles are written similar to the headlines can be found on broadsheets. You have to make them interesting, thought-provoking, imaginative, and often times evoke emotion to have a more effective organic listing. Apart from that, you also need to have a compelling and expressive Meta Description. Utilize your Meta Description to supplement and magnify your Title Tag statement. You have to be persuasive and encourage an action.

• Create your SERP set off the page using rich snippets

The thrill of organized markup has settled down in the past few years. But despite that, this is an influential strategy that you can utilize to improve your organic listing and it shouldn’t be disregarded. The rich snippets can positively make your SERP set off the page, increasing your CTR and snatching clicks right out of the hands of your rival. Utilizing a structured markup correctly can really make your products become noticeable.

These are the four easy steps that will help you make your organic listing more effective. With any luck, upon the application of these methods, you can achieve a better position in the organic search rankings.

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Get noticed with keyword-rich content

Increase your rankings with proper use of keywords

Keywords are an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And while search engines have evolved in recent years, the development keyword-rich content remains as a tool used by companies to increase their rankings in the SERPs as well as draw in more clients.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords are specific words or phrases that drive traffic to your company’s website. As such, it is important to use keywords that are specific to your company’s products and services.

Keep in mind that it is important to use your main keywords in the body of your text but try to curb the temptation of using it too much. Better yet, find the right balance and avoid keyword stuffing (using your keywords more times than necessary).

Instead of working to benefit your company’s site, search engines penalize sites that use this method and categorize them as spam. So the next time, you feel the urge to use your keywords over and over in the hopes of ranking high on the SERPs, you might want to think twice.

With the evolution of search engines however, the use of relevant words to your keywords could actually work to your company’s advantage since search engines are now able to gauge the relevance of our content to the sites being performed by internet users.

As opposed to keyword stuffing, go for the development of keyword-rich content. This simply means that your company’s site hosts content and articles that contain the best keywords strategically so that the products and services being offered by your site will be more searchable for people on the World Wide Web.

Developing keyword rich content

There are a few techniques to consider in developing keyword rich content. Since this is an SEO strategy, it is also a process that should be adopted across all the pages in the website.

Do keyword research

Before deciding on a keyword or keyword phrase will draw in more traffic to your site, keyword research entails using Google search for suggestions, or using a paid keyword research tool like SEMRush for the words that will help you rank higher. Take a look at the best keywords being used in your industry and see how you can use this for your company’s site. Use the strong keywords to build the structure of your site and add more strong keywords to build momentum.

Understanding your industry/niche

Learning about your company’s industry is also among the best tools to develop keyword rich content. When you understand your audience and readers, you would know what your market needs and wants and come up with original and creative takes on the information you wish to present. If you belong to an industry that is not familiar to most people, utilize the help of experts to bridge the gap between the jargons and the potential market that your company wishes to reach. Add value to your content instead of going with the common presentations.

In doing so, your company can develop keyword-rich content that are informative and appealing to the target market.

Proper placement

Making your article keyword-rich means that you also have to place these words strategically. It is a common practice to include keywords in the title, the first sentence of the article as well as the last sentence. Use the keyword and its relevant words throughout the article as needed.


Once you succeed in developing keyword rich content or articles, make sure that you do this for the rest of the site. It is important to use your keywords in your site’s description, URL as well as title. Your company’s pages should work together to draw in more traffic so don’t forget to include links to related content to other pages should the opportunity present itself. When your efforts come together, it will pay off with a lower bounce rate, better quality content and a spike in the rankings as well.

Sign up with Grow SEO

Developing a keyword-rich site takes a lot of hard work and practice, not to mention a long time to perfect. Consult with the experts at Grow SEO to see how they can help you grow your business and improve your rankings with effective SEO techniques.

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Make the Google 3-Pack Map work for you

Level up your local SEO and get noticed by more 

For any business hoping to become an online success, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just a necessity, it is a way of life. It’s a tough task to rank among the highest in the SERPs without having to spend an arm and a leg for paid advertisements but it’s not impossible.

SEO provides the perfect challenge and the perfect opportunity to harvest organic views with the proper knowhow and the right amount of expertise to become even more competitive in the vast ocean that is the worldwide web.

Its good to know that SEO has many available tools that it can use in its favor to help the little guys get up there with the big guns. One of these tools is the Google 3 Pack Map, formerly known simply as the Google Map Pack.

The Google 3 Pack, simply explained, is Google’s updated version of listing local businesses that are featured in a panel on top of the page. Prior to this, there were seven businesses featured, so the limited options made it even more of a challenge for companies who want to rank in the top 3.

Mobile users seemed to have benefitted the most from the shorter display because seven featured businesses seemed too crowded for limited mobile panel. However, this new algorithm also changed the way Google performed searches on a local scale as it displayed different results depending on the searcher’s physical location.

How to rank high in the Google 3 Pack?

The challenge seems daunting, but not all hope is lost for companies who want to land in the coveted Top 3. In fact, it is more advantageous for businesses who want to excel in local searches. This is where the challenge lies for local SEO.

There are still methods to improve your company’s standings in the SERPs by perfecting the following strategies.

Optimize your Google My Business Page

The Google My Business Page is a helpful free platform to maximize your business’ online presence. A page that contains all the right keywords, interesting content, and correct information, especially in ensuring an updated NAP (Name Address Phone) would make a world of difference for the page. Don’t have a Google My Business Page yet? Create one now.

Get Reviewed

It turns out that one the criteria of being featured in the Google 3 Pack Map are reviews on Google Reviews. Positive reviews often compel potential clients to try out products and services and Google is no different. It checks for reviews on their site as well as other sites, so you may want t encourage your customers to share what they think about your business.

Make your site mobile friendly

 Because the Google 3 Pack was most likely a response to the shifting trend to mobile searches, it is one of the factors that gauge whether your company will make it to the Top 3 spots or not. Make your site mobile responsive to make it more convenient for mobile searchers to navigate. Make sure you deliver the key ideas in bite size pieces for mobile audiences as well.

The perfect clincher

 Once you’ve made it to the Top 3, this is where the fun begins. Make sure you use interesting snippets to get potential clients to go for your company, and not the others on the Google 3-Pack. Your content must be short and sweet, and your SEO game on point.

Still confused?

If you’re overwhelmed by all the possibilities, make sure you get guidance from the right team of experts. The SEO specialists at Grow SEO will make sure that your vision for your business becomes a reality using the right tools to


Give them a call and consult with Grow SEO at (07) 3063 2115 or send them an email. Make the right choice for your company, today.

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