What do I Need to do to Register My Business with Google

Google is the largest search engine in the world, and interestingly the search giant has a soft spot for local businesses. Google My Business is a platform set up for local businesses to monitor and manage their online visibility. This platform gives them total control of all Google services in one. The question is how do I register my business with Google?As a local business interested in having an online presence, you can take advantage of Google My Business to attract new customers by putting your business in front of people searching for it or similar type businesses on either Google Map or Search.How do I Register My Business with Google?The question how do I register my business with Google is one that’s prominent with local business owners looking to get exposure via the number one search engine in the world – Google.Google has made it easy for businesses to register their businesses so that they can have access to prospective customers interested in their service. All you have to do as a business owner is head over to their Google My Business page and sign up.

• You would need to sign in to your Google account or create one if you don’t already have.

• Now click on add business and input your business how you want it to be listed on the search giant.

• Enter your registered business phone number. The search engine would look up the number to see if there’s contact information attached. If there is, just verify that the information displayed is correct.

• If there’s no information, then you’ll need to add yours.

• Answer a couple questions about your local business.

• Click the submit button.

• Verify your information via the PIN sent to your business phone by Google.

We know not everyone loves doing these things so we at Grow SEO would be happy to help you register your business with Google. We would take the responsibility of putting your business in Google, helping you claim it and watch it become a verified business on the search giant.  Contact us if you’d like us to help you register your business with Google today.

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Brisbane SEO: Ready for Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO has become a big part of every business plan all around the world and businesses in Brisbane, Australia is becoming open to benefiting from the many advantages of search exposure.

For businesses in Brisbane who have set up their business page (website) and getting set to dominate local search, there’s the need to stick with professional local Brisbane SEO Company that is well versed in helping local businesses dominate local, national and even global search.

We know that setting up a website is just one of the first few important things to do before getting the exposure your business needs. But after the setup comes the hard part which is optimizing your website for search and becoming an authority figure in your niche.

Remember that your SEO service team can either make or mar your business so choosing the ideal Brisbane SEO team to work with you to achieve your plans for your business should be at the back of your mind.

Brisbane SEO: Let Grow SEO Grow Your Business

The right Brisbane SEO team for your business is just a mail/call away. Grow SEO has garnered several years of experience helping companies get to the top of search engines with the right search engine optimization techniques. We have a team of experts at your service to prescribe and implement the necessary changes and improvements your business (website) needs to get ranking in search.

At Grow SEO we fully handle your business SEO by delving deep into the problems your website faces and proffering robust technical solutions which aid to solve the search visibility draught. Our team comprises of experts in all things search engine optimization and is ready to address your search problems by:

• Analyzing and coming up with high search volume keywords

• Creating compelling content

• Building high quality backlinks and

Other technical solutions

Grow SEO is a Brisbane SEO company you can trust to take your business to the next level. Reach out to us and let’s help you get started.

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SEO Brisbane: Taking Brisbane Search by Storm

If your primary aim as a Brisbane-based business is to flourish in search, I mean total domination of local search, you should consider SEO Brisbane.

For years now businesses have realized that SEO is an important part of staying in business. With the right SEO practices, you would put your competitors on edge by taking them head-on. You would also be attracting new customers and keeping your business a huge success.

However, you should know that getting to the top of search engines especially Google isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work and would weigh a single individual out due to the technical expertise and persistence it requires.

SEO is so important that if not properly done well, your website no matter how much you spent on building it would remain unnoticed, keeping your business reach to the barest minimum. The sad truth is that many Brisbane businesses are still in limbo as their owners are yet to employ the services of SEO Brisbane – don’t be like them.

Professional SEO Brisbane

Businesses interested in taking the Brisbane search by a storm would need to up their game and get onboard the SEO bandwagon. It’s normal for business owners hearing about SEO for the first time to be sceptical about its workability or those who have had bad experiences or getting frustrated due to the costly, yet lack of result from their previous SEO Company. If you fall into any of the categories or just thinking of trying out a professional SEO company in Brisbane, then you are in luck.

Grow SEO is a leading Australian SEO company helping business owners in Brisbane and environs actually to see RESULTS. We have a team of experienced SEO strategists ready to do your bidding using well-laid out white-hat SEO techniques. Not to worry about the next Google algorithm changes burying your site in heaps of spam websites being ranked by other SEO companies, our balanced approach uses formats acceptable by Rank Brain Google’s recent AI and ensures you stick to your position even after series of changes made to the results.

Are you ready to jump on board with best Brisbane SEO Company handling your search presence? Get in touch with us today. We are here to ensure your website is well optimized and ready to take Brisbane search by storm using proper SEO strategy.

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SEO services in Brisbane

No matter how attractive your website is, without the right push, it won’t attract more business or paying customers. One of the right push to get your business seen by more prospective businesses and customers is by utilising SEO services.But you don’t just dabble in SEO services as you might just get penalized for doing some things the wrong way and wasting your time, effort and money on negative SEO strategies. This is why for local businesses in and around Brisbane, hiring the professional SEO services in Brisbane is recommended.

Why hire professional SEO services in Brisbane?

Asides the fact that you’d probably get penalized for bad SEO practices opting to handle your SEO yourself, hiring a professional SEO company can skyrocket your business which is the dream of every business both local and global alike.If you find a professional search engine optimisation company you won’t only be getting higher search traffic but also more leads and several thousands of new ‘paying’ customers for your business.Are you tired searching for top-notch SEO services in Brisbane for your business? Grow SEO is at your service to get you noticed and paid. Our experienced teams who are well versed in search optimisation are ready to assist you to resolve your website problems and get your site more exposure.How do we do this? Our SEO services for businesses located in and around Brisbane would help you get a proper and thorough audit of:

Contents on the site

Site structure

• Keyword research

• Google Penalty Audit

• Meta Title and Description (both length and content)

• Mobile Friendly Test

Backlinks profile

• And other onsite SEO audits.

Remember that your site search presence is dependent on the SEO quality. Let us help you get noticed by taking the time to audit your site and fix all optimization issues. Reach out to us today!

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SEO Consultants Brisbane Available to Help You Rank Higher

If we are talking exposure one way to go about it is through getting in front of thousands of “Googlers” inquiring about a product or service you are offering. But getting in front of these web searchers require that you claim a spot on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing, and achieving that can be a little difficult, albeit tricky.

If you think about it, you’ll see that getting on the first page of search by yourself for specific keywords in your business line may not seem feasible due to your lack of technical know-how. This is why it’s recommended to hire an SEO consultant in Brisbane to help you get on the first page of Google as you desire and best still, stay on the first page.

Are you considering it? You should. As a Brisbane local business, you need to up your game, outsmart and outwit your competitor but you can’t do it all by yourself. You need to hire reputable SEO consultants Brisbane to get it done for you.

Grow SEO is your go-to SEO consultant in Brisbane. We specialize in helping local businesses climb the top of SERP through white hat SEO practices.

Unlike other SEO agencies and digital marketing companies in and around Brisbane who don’t take your business serious and in turn deliver less than expected results. We work with you on a personal level and handle your business entrusted in our care with utmost diligence and commitment to service, we work to understand your business and help you grow a lot faster than anticipated. We handle all your SEO campaigns and ensure you start seeing a result in due time.

Here are some of our SEO consultation services:

• Helping businesses in their online presence by search engine optimization

• Assisting sites to regain their ranking (websites which suffered penalties)

• Lead generation

• Reputation management and more.

Get in touch with us today so we can help you rank.

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Brisbane SEO Services

As a business owner based in Brisbane, there are lots of challenges to get noticed by potential customers these days. We know the benefits of online marketing are enormous but how do you stand out from the crowd? The answer is utilising Brisbane SEO Services.

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, has several businesses and also several SEO companies looking to help these businesses gain exposure with interesting online marketing methods.

Why You Should Consider Brisbane SEO Services

For most businesses, there’s the choice of either opting for a locally based SEO company or sticking with an over-seas cold-calling company. If you are thinking which is best, it’s definitely local Brisbane SEO companies.

Since these companies are well aware of all the challenges, local businesses go through to rank and gain the exposure they are usually a better option for businesses looking to dominate a local space and get more exposure for their business which is targeted at a local audience.

Asides that, sticking with a local Brisbane based SEO company could be a lot more effective for you as you could easily get in touch with the company over a phone or head over to the office and discuss your business need which is something you can’t do with an overseas company.

You stand to gain a lot by going for the best Brisbane SEO services as you are guaranteed of an increase in traffic, generating more leads and of course making sales which equal revenue. With the best Brisbane SEO services put in place for your business, your business takes a front row seat in search engines and gets seen by thousands of targeted audience when they input specific search terms.

At Grow SEO, we offer our Brisbane based businesses the chance to climb up the ladder of search with quality and effective SEO packages. You can contact us today to learn more about our available SEO packages to grow your business.

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SEO Services: The Search for an Accountable SEO Expert

We have talked about the usefulness of SEO services and how it is very beneficial to local businesses looking to boost their website presence. However, what remains to be said is that in your quest for a higher search ranking, you would be faced with a hard choice of SEO Company to work with.

For Brisbane based business owners looking for the best SEO services in the area to target potential customers who are not yet in the know of their brick and mortar business or even online website, one important aspect to consider when selecting a company for your SEO needs is the availability and accountability of the company.

Your preferred SEO agents should be readily available to get all the required information about your business, the plans for the future and be accountable for their progress.

The Best Bet for Quality SEO Services

Most businesses both established and growing businesses at one time have received series of cold-calling email from ‘over-sea SEO companies’ offering budget-friendly rates to skyrocket their search presence. As a local business, the worst mistake you’d make would be getting in touch with these cold-callers to let them ‘assist’ with your search rankings. Why you may ask. The answer is simple – they don’t have an idea of how your local domination works, and sadly most don’t offer quality SEO service.

This is why it’s always recommended that a local business in Australia should opt for an Australian based SEO company that understands local search engine optimisation and are willing to go the extra mile to offer you the best service to help your business grow.

Grow SEO Expert SEO Services

Are you considering giving an Australian SEO company a trial? That’s your first step to improve your search ranking. Grow SEO offers top-notch SEO services to people and businesses in Brisbane and its environments. Call us today to get started.

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Google My Business: Optimizing your Local Business for Improved Visibility

Any location-based business looking to dominate the local SEO should already have it at the back of their mind that they would need to claim and verify their local business, and what better way to get this done than on Google provided Google My Business page. We have previously talked about how to claim and verify your business on the Google My Business listing.

Local businesses which qualify to get listed on Google My Business can take advantage of the offer and claim their free business listing on Google. You would, of course, need to include some basic information about the business/company like its address, phone number(s), hours of operation, payment methods and so on. All it takes to get started is heading over to the https://www.google.com/ business section and fill in all the required information. As a local business, getting your business listed on Google My Business should be one of your first priorities as you get a better chance of appearing in several of Google useful connect for businesses like the Local Pack, Google Maps, Local Finder and of course Google search.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

The first things to do are claim and verify your business listing but after that, you still need to optimize this listing and also regularly check back to ensure your listing still remains accurate.

One way to optimize your GMB listing is by answering several questions about your business profile. This way, your listing is completely packed with useful information which your potential customers could use to locate your business. On the flip side, Google My Business listing allows other users to ‘suggest’ a change to the information on your business listing – and these other users include your competitors.

The “suggest an edit” option on the Google My business page allows searchers make changes to your listing, so you need to regularly log in and check your listing to make sure your listings are still as is or decline undue changes which are waiting for approval.

Getting your Google My Business listing claimed and verified is one phase, continually checking to confirm your listing is as should be is the best form of optimizing your listing.

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SEO Services Brisbane: Getting To the Top of Local Search

Ever considered why many business owners these days decide to go the extra mile to get their businesses in the face of hundreds of thousands of locals? Yes, we are sure you have. The benefits are enormous! However, getting these Brisbane businesses to be seen by ready to patronise folks is another ball game which is where SEO services Brisbane comes to play.

As most business owners have realised that online business exposure is the way and seeing there are already hundreds of businesses competing to be showcased to the same audience, there’s a slim chance of getting their desired exposure. This is why businesses serious about getting the exposure they need rely on trustworthy SEO services in the Capital of Queensland to help them skyrocket their online presence.

Why You Should Use SEO Services Brisbane

SEO is today the foundation of any lead generation and online business advertising strategy and its perks are very beneficial to any business. If you are not conversant with the term SEO, it means Search Engine Optimization and is regarded as the way your website is strategically laid out or optimized to get it (and your business) in the face of more people by ranking tops in search engine results.

Going the Search Way

For businesses interested in doing the search way, you can decide to employ the services of a white hat SEO service provider in Brisbane to help your business take off. If your SEO service provider delivers a smart SEO strategy, you can rest assured knowing your footprint would be left everywhere for search engines to find and in turn, you’d be getting your business close to your potential customers by sitting close to the top of search in a few months.

With your business sitting at the top of the search when potential customers/clients are looking for similar products or services as yours, your business would be staring them in the face just when they need it, thereby increasing your chances of getting higher revenues.

At Grow SEO we help our clients get to the top of search engines using our quality SEO services tailored for businesses in Brisbane and environs.

Grow your search presence with Grow SEO

We know there are a lot of SEO services available at your disposal, but most of these packages can land you a manual penalty from search engines like Google. Grow SEO uses top-notch white-hat SEO practices to make sure your business gets the exposure it deserves. Contact us today!

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Directory Listings Are a Great Place to Submit Your Site, Here’s why!

If you are familiar with getting noticed on search engines, you must have heard the phrase directory listings come up one too many times. Directory listings or web directories as they are oft-referred to as are portals or catalogues with different links which are sorted by topics.

Directory listings once served as a means of finding out relevant sites which meet your urgent needs. For instance, a recipe blog would be categorised under the food and health section of these listing while football falls under the sports and outdoor activities section. But these were in the days when search engines were yet to become the dominating medium for bridging content with searchers.

Although search engines may have stolen the shine of directories, they still have beneficial uses for site owners especially if you plan to get better visibility in search.

Here are a few reasons why directory listings are a great place to submit your site:

Faster website indexing: One way to benefit from directories is their indexing. As a new website interested in alerting search engines like Yahoo/Bing and Google about its presence, the crawlers (spiders) sent out by these search engines would easily pick up your new site if you submit to the multiple directories available.


Inbound Links (One-way links):  Most directories give out one-way links to sites submitted on their platform. These inbound links are very helpful for search ranking as they are considered to be more valuable than reciprocal links (those links exchanged with other sites). If you plan to boost your SEO efforts, take your chance with the directory listing.


Specific Keywords: For most site owners one of the most difficult things is getting Backlinks for specific keywords and directory listings are always happy to help out by offering you the opportunity to target specific keyword(s) and a link to help gain more exposure.


Free submission: Considering the benefits of directory listings, and the fact that many directories allow site owners submit their site for free (there are several paid ones too), it’s only natural to take up the opportunity and try to grow your site’s SEO presence by directory submissions.

The downside is that directory listings can be time-consuming and draining. Worst still, finding those directories with the right link influence and the categories for your site would take someone experienced in such to pull it off adequately. To save yourself the stress of finding and submitting your links, you can hire a team of professional directory submitters like ours at Grow SEO to help you get it done and in record time.

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